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Where the Metal AM community relies on.

Trade process parameters and material data for Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Fast, cheap and reliable!

Process parameter development

The old way

Own R&D expenses
▪ Printing parameter studies and test samples.
▪ Test all these samples and take all the risks!

Time spent: > 2 months
Estimated costs: >10.000€

The new way

Buy it on the AddiMap marketplace
▪ Search, buy and download the parameter set.
▪ Plug & Play on your system!

Time spent: 10 minutes
Estimated costs: 2.500€


Trade individual process parameters
▪ Optimized for thin walls
▪ Optimized for large volume
▪ Optimized for mechanical properties

New materials

Trade parameters and data
for all materials
▪ Known materials
▪ Modified materials
▪ New alloys

Experimental data

Trade experimental data
and results
▪ Mechanical properties
▪ Parameter studies
▪ Fatigue properties

B2B Platform

For the industrialization and
democratization of Metal 3D-Printing

Source your needed
process parameters.

Are you sitting on a data treasure?
Monetize your data!

We need your help to prioritize our activities!

It's this simple: Take part in the following survey and if your demand fits our project planning, you can even get free data insights for process parameters, material data or even the qualification results of a new material.

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